Branded Fairtrade Beanie - Navy

Branded Fairtrade Beanie - Navy

Eco-Conscious Comfort: The Organic Fairtrade Branded Beanie

Sustainable Warmth, Timeless Style: Experience the ultimate in warmth and ethical fashion with our 100% organic fairtrade cotton beanie. Embroidered with vibrant, full-color university branding, this beanie lets students and alumni wear their pride on their sleeve—or rather, on their head—while championing sustainability. Available in classic navy and chic charcoal, it’s the perfect accessory to showcase university spirit and a commitment to ethical fashion choices.

Premium Quality, Ethical Assurance: This isn't just any beanie. It's a heavy gauge, double-layered knit masterpiece, boasting a dense 480gsm 2X1 rib knit for unmatched warmth and durability. Its design ensures a versatile stretch to accommodate all sizes, providing a comfortable fit for both men and women. The fold-over cuff not only adds an extra layer of warmth around the ears but also ensures a snug fit, enhancing both comfort and style.

A Mark of Fairness: Every beanie is finished with a visible Fairtrade flag label at the cuff, serving as a proud emblem of its ethical origins. This label is not just a mark of quality; it's a guarantee that your purchase supports fair labour practices, sustainable farming, and environmental stewardship. By choosing our organic fairtrade beanie, you're making a statement about the importance of conscious consumerism and the impact of your choices.

Beyond Fashion: A Statement of Values: This beanie transcends fashion trends. It’s a symbol of unity among students and alumni who not only aspire to make a difference in the world but also live those values every day. With its sustainable credentials and stylish design, the beanie is a winter essential that reflects your personal ethics and university pride.

Join the Sustainable Style Movement: As the cold sets in, make a choice that warms you physically and ethically. Our organic fairtrade beanie is more than an accessory—it's a commitment to positive change, a nod to stylish sustainability, and a way to keep the university spirit alive and well, all through the winter months.


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