Branded Squidgy Animal - Owl

Branded Squidgy Animal - Owl

Squidgy Animals: Your Comfort Companion Awaits

Unwind with Uniqueness: Meet our Squidgy Animals, the plush companions designed for every student's comfort and style. From the thoughtful gaze of the dark brown owl, the cheerful warmth of the orange ginger cat, to the soothing embrace of the purple octopus, each Squidgy Animal is your perfect study buddy and dorm room decor.

Certified Comfort, Guaranteed Safety: Crafted from a cozy blend of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, our Squidgy Animals are not just soft to the touch but also responsibly made. With certifications like REACH and the Business Social Compliance Initiative, we ensure that your plush friend is produced with ethical practices and materials safe for you and the environment.

Tailored for You: Each Squidgy Animal is branded with a crest on its stomach, marking it as an exclusive member of your collection. Standing 29cm tall and weighing just 150 grams, they're the perfect size for snuggling or sprucing up your space.

A World of Students Can't Be Wrong: Join the myriad of students who have found a little extra joy and comfort in their Squidgy Animal. Perfect for gifting, or as a treat to yourself, these plush toys are a hit across campuses.

Embrace Your Squidgy: Dive into a world of comfort and charm with your own Squidgy Animal. With a simple click, bring home a companion that's more than just a toy—it's a piece of home.

Made In China

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