Fairtrade Shopper Bag - Green

Fairtrade Shopper Bag - Green

Beyond Just a Bag: The Green Fairtrade Cotton Shopper

Expectation: A Bag for Every Need: When you think of a shopper bag, you expect functionality, durability, and perhaps a touch of style. Our Green Fairtrade Cotton Shopper Bag meets all these expectations with its robust 407gsm (12oz/yd²) fairtrade cotton canvas construction. Designed for the eco-conscious student, alumni, shopper, or tourist, it’s the perfect companion for errands, groceries, or carrying daily essentials. With a generous 21-litre capacity and comfortable handle length of 58cm, it’s designed to be carried by hand or over the shoulder, making it as versatile as it is practical.

Surprise: A Statement of Values and Pride: But this isn't just any shopper bag. What sets it apart is the printed white university crest, symbolizing not just your connection to the university but also your commitment to ethical, sustainable choices. Fairtrade certified, this bag supports better working conditions and fairer deals for farmers and workers. It’s a powerful statement piece that says you care—about the planet, about people, and about your university.

A Closer Look Reveals More: Beyond its striking green canvas and emblematic crest, the bag's dimensions (39x41x14cm) ensure that everything from laptops and textbooks to picnic supplies and workout gear fits comfortably inside. The directive to "sponge clean only" hints at the care taken to preserve its quality and the integrity of the fairtrade cotton canvas.

For the Eco-Conscious and Proud: Whether you’re a student navigating campus life, an alum reminiscing about your college days, a tourist looking for a meaningful souvenir, or a parent proud of your student's achievements, this shopper bag is for you. It's not just about what you carry; it's about carrying it with purpose, pride, and a pledge to a sustainable future.

Join the Movement: Embrace the Green Fairtrade Cotton Shopper Bag as more than an accessory—it's a companion on your journey towards sustainability, a canvas for your university pride, and a small yet significant step towards a better world. Make it yours today and wear your crest and values with pride.

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