Recycled Ocean Plastic Water Bottle 650ml

Recycled Ocean Plastic Water Bottle 650ml

Hydrate for a Better Tomorrow: The University Ocean Plastic Water Bottle

Eco-Friendly Solution: In a world where our oceans and waterways are under threat from plastic pollution, choosing sustainable solutions has never been more critical. Our university-branded water bottle isn’t just another hydration accessory; it’s a testament to what we can achieve when we choose to act. Made from plastic retrieved within 50km of an ocean or major waterway, this bottle turns potential ocean waste into a high-quality, food-safe container for your daily hydration. 

Savings with Every Sip: Beyond the environmental savings of reducing ocean plastic, this 650ml water bottle offers a spill-proof lid with a push-pull spout, ensuring that staying hydrated on the go is convenient and mess-free. The ergonomic single-wall design makes it easy to carry to classes, the gym, or on outdoor adventures, proving that eco-friendly choices can enhance your lifestyle.

Proudly Bearing Marks of its Journey: The small marks on the body of each bottle are not imperfections but badges of honor, showcasing the unique history of the plastic and its transformation from waste to wonder. Branded with the university crest in white, it serves as a proud emblem of your commitment to sustainability and your connection to the university community.

Social Proof in Action: Adopted by students, gym enthusiasts, and those mindful of their environmental footprint, this water bottle has proven its worth. It’s not just about staying hydrated; it’s about making a statement, showing that you are part of a collective effort to tackle one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

Join the Movement: With every refill and reuse, you’re contributing to a cycle of sustainability that extends far beyond our campus. This ocean plastic water bottle invites you to be part of a solution that supports cleaner oceans and a healthier planet. Whether you’re a student balancing lectures and extracurriculars, a gym-goer keeping fit, or simply someone who cares deeply about our environment, this water bottle is for you.

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